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Episode 30: Love Stinks

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Episode 28: 4.3 Edition


Show notes to come...

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Show Notes to be added later...but I still managed to find a picture of two pandas gettin' it on.

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Where exactly did you think Pandaren came from?

Welcome back to Episode 26 of the Warcraft Lounge!  It's our one year anniversary of the podcast, and we'd certainly like to thank all the listeners who have stuck with us for all this time.

BLIZZCON!  Holy shit, it's 3 minutes of videos and a whole lot of speculation.  This week we throw our two cents in, and let you know what you should be glad about, what you should be mad about, and why Pokemon in WoW is the best thing that could happen to the hardcore player.

New Talent Tree preview is here.

New Dungeons and Raids panel is here.

Get some Developer Q&A right here.

The current state of ZG/ZA is a total wreck.  Find out why that's so, and when you should call it a day running heroics.

Tol Barad Class Runs: Optional in 4.2  Mandatory in 4.3  Discover why this week.

We have a new class: The Monk - No autoattack, healers/tanks/dps and the best part...they're stealing all the druid leather!

The WoW Annual Pass has arrived: For those of you who were planning to buy Diablo 3 anyway, this is a NO BRAINER.

70s are the new 19s, as far as Twinking is concerned.  Hard to believe, but it's true.  Watch your ass if you wander into that Battleground bracket.

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Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis (H), Dynam - Gilneas (A)]  & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis(H)]

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YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!  (No, seriously.  I'm pretty sure you are not prepared.)

Here is Wowwiki's guide to hidden and long quests.  Enjoy!

Ghostcrawler talks about the future of tanking.  Read here, and weigh in if you dare.

The Darkmoon Faire gets a complete overhaul!  New mounts, skill points, and of course...more tickets!

Transmogrification: Some likely items that people may want:

Tankard of Terror

Battered Hilt

Skullflame Shield

Zom's Crackling Bulwark

Blade of Wizardry/Teebu's Flaming Longsword

Northern Barrier

Onyxia Scale Cloak

Dreadlord's Blade <- Unique model, and one of the coolest BoP 2-Handers in Wrath

Want to know how much gold your opposition has?  Download Goldscore, bitches, and find out!

Q: What is the best time to prepare for Epic gems?  A: Before they are announced.  This week, we talk pricing, options, and all things Epic gem.

Here is a link to Chris's interview he gave with the good folks at WarcraftEcon. Check out their site for great gold making tips, and check out his interview for some specific strategies he uses.

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Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis; Dynam - Gilneas] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis]

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We have only just begun, to speculate, on possible ways, to make some gold off this.  Maybe.

Get Chris's two addons: MageManaBar for you Arcane Mages too baffled by pressing your button, and BadBoy to put an end to anal spam on your server.

Transmogrification is coming to patch 4.3!  What does it mean for you and your characters.  This is a topic that we will continue to explore in the coming weeks, to see if there is some way to make money of what is essentially a feature that combines PvE and RP.

Void Storage is also on the way.  YAWN.  Void Storage is a fancy word for 'More Bank Space', and not much else.

Go to ASKMRROBOT, you fools!  Seriously, do now.  The over/under on things you have fucked up is FIVE.  I'm taking the over.

The hosts discuss Opportunity Cost.  Go read this Wiki, learn it, live it.

Thanks for tuning in (even the Rogues)!  If you have any comments, you can reach us on the Facebook page, our comments page, or follow us on Twitter @warcraftlounge.


Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis(H), Dynam - Gilneas(A)] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis(H)]

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Perhaps you should wait to find out our thoughts on the Real Money Auction House, before jumping to conclusions.

Welcome back listeners to Episode 22

Chris is on the move again: Thanks to WoWProgress and Wowpedia you too can plan your 'Escape from Hydraxis'.

Jewelcrafting is the BEST.  Seriously, the best.  Go start doing it.

For you Blacksmith/DE'rs, we have the Stormforged Shoulders.  Make em, and break em for profit.

Courtesy of G4 TV, Diablo 3 will introduce RMTs; will this come to Warcraft or not? (Hint: Don't quit your day job)

Come get the Chirping Box: Only if you're good at Joust!

Ryan has problems with Rogues and kids: are there any classes or ages that bother you?  Leave us a comment on our Facebook page, follow us @Warcraftlounge on Twitter, or leave us comments down below.

As always, thanks for listening to our show, and if you give us a 5-Star review on iTunes, we'll mention you on Episode 23!


Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis]

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