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Chris & Ryan talk about the systematic changes to the game in 5.4 and why one addone, oQueue, is going to be mandatory.

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Apparently the part where Chris decides to take a vacation.

Welcome back to Episode 32 of the Lounge.  Since Chris is away until the end of May, I decided to record a special solo Lounge, to tide you over until our late May podcast.

Ryan has some things to say about Halaa - We discuss how to get your War Talbuks with a little help from a friend.

Blizzard has released a new Item Restoration service - Is this a good thing for the game?

Wowhead vs TorHead...sometimes you don't know how good you have it.

New Guild Perks announced - which perks are going away, and what are the new ones.

  • The Doctor Is In (Level 10) - Increases healing received from bandages by 25%. Does not work in battlegrounds and arenas. Replaces Chug-A-Lug.
  • For Great Justice (Level 20) - Increases Justice points gained by 20%. Replaces Happy Hour.
  • Ride Like the Wind (Level 21) - Increase flight path travel speed by 25%. Replaces Have Group, Will Travel.
  • Working Overtime (Level 22) - Increases the chance to gain a skill increase on tradeskills by 20%. Replaces Chug-A-Lug.
  • Time Off (Level 27) - Increases rest gained by 100%.
  • Otherworldly Discounts (Level 30) - Reduce Void Storage and Transmogrification costs by 10%.

GoGoMount - For all you mount collectors, this solves the burning quesion: Which one should I ride?

Druid Symbiosis - Unbelievable.   Simply unbelievable.

Great information from MMO-Champion, and one of their readers who translated this shit from Chinese to English.

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Thanks for listening,

Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis) & Chris (Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

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Show Notes to be added later...but I still managed to find a picture of two pandas gettin' it on.

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Perhaps you should wait to find out our thoughts on the Real Money Auction House, before jumping to conclusions.

Welcome back listeners to Episode 22

Chris is on the move again: Thanks to WoWProgress and Wowpedia you too can plan your 'Escape from Hydraxis'.

Jewelcrafting is the BEST.  Seriously, the best.  Go start doing it.

For you Blacksmith/DE'rs, we have the Stormforged Shoulders.  Make em, and break em for profit.

Courtesy of G4 TV, Diablo 3 will introduce RMTs; will this come to Warcraft or not? (Hint: Don't quit your day job)

Come get the Chirping Box: Only if you're good at Joust!

Ryan has problems with Rogues and kids: are there any classes or ages that bother you?  Leave us a comment on our Facebook page, follow us @Warcraftlounge on Twitter, or leave us comments down below.

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Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis]

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What.  The.  Fuck....hey is that Drakkmur?

Welcome back listeners to Episode 21 of the Warcraft Lounge.

This week we talk about Chris's expedition to US-Moonguard. Before you listen, realize he had NO IDEA what was going to happen or what goes on in the Moonguard Inn.

The new 365 weapons are OUT! Check the patterns, and start to consider flipping some of the secondary ingredients. Find out what items we're buying and flipping while the gold rush is on.

Discussed Economic Concepts: Picks & Shovels and First-to-Market

The Top 5 Reasons your Baradin Hold pug is going to Suck Donkey Balls. As I type this, I just left a group that exhibited 3 of the 5 characteristics, including the all important, #1 reason.

Addon recommendation: WIM - It's a quality of life thing!

Blizzard has now changed it so Tier 11 bosses give 35 VP each (ARGALOTH DOES NOT, BADDIES). Is this change a good thing, or a bad thing? The hosts dicsuss.

Blizzard had the final "Ask a Dev- Healing". Did it go out with a bang, or a whimper.

Yays or Nays are back, and so it the final thoughts. Remember, we will give you an onair shoutout to those of you who give us a 5-star review on iTunes, and thanks again to each and every one of you for tuning in to our show.

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Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis(H); Dynam - Gilneas(A)] & Chris [Drakkmur-Hydraxis(H)]

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We promise, it doesn't have to be this way!  Ok, maybe just a little, but no more than necessary!

[Links are in progress]

Welcome back listeners, to Episode 20 of the Warcraft Lounge.  With a week of the Firelands under their belts, see what the hosts have to say about things.

This week, we talk about the new Molten Front dailies.  In between tossing bears and punting turtles, is there a way to make them go faster?  Ryan seems to think so.

If you're doing the Firelands rep runs, Ryan goes over when to stop, and what items are available.

Which Firelands boss, does Chris think raids should being with?  Feel free to agree or disagree on our Facebook page.

Living Embers are the brand new version of Primordial Saronite.  How can you get yours, and what price is reasonable to pay for one.

Blizzard managed to actually slap the PVPers in the face.  Find out what injustice they inflicted on the pvp crowd, and see if their indignation is righteous.

Occu'thar, continues to be a source of trouble for the players incapable of following ONE, SIMPLE DIRECTION.  Find out what that direction is.

Courtesy of Icy Veins, here is the only guide to gearing you are likely to need.

Thanks for tuning into episode 20, and listening to two guys ramble on about Warcraft.  If there are any topics you want us to tackle, feel free to leave comments here, or on the Facebook page and we'll try to tackle them.  You can follow us in Twitter @WarcraftLounge and if anyone happens to be in the Philly area next Friday night, Chris and Ryan will be doing some drinking post Harry Potter, so drop us a note on the Facebook page and meet up with us.


Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis (H), Dynam - Gilneas (A)] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis(H)]

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How to play Wizard's Staff: Every time you drink another beer, you duct tape it to your "Wizard's Staff".  Each can represents a level, and every 5 levels you have to fight a "Dragon" (do a shot).  At any given time, the person with the most levels, can boss around any other wizard below them who has less levels than they do.  To initiate a wizard's duel, you must strike staves, and any beers that shake loose are lost 'levels' forever.


Welcome back listeners, to Episode 17 of the Warcraft Lounge.

Drakkmur's interview is finally up on Warcraft Econ's Hall of Fame.  If you're interested in learning more about how Chris made his gold, this would be the spot.

Nerfbat incoming for the current tier of raiding when 4.2 hits.  We don't talk about it that much (because by the time it happens we'll be too busy exploring the Firelands) but T11 content got AOE-nerfed.

Here's an example of how Wowhead can show you all the new items introduced to the PTR.

The Reins of Poseidus now drop off of Poseidus in 4.1  Mount collectors are on notice.

NPC Scan: If you want to find those pesky rare mobs, I can't think of a more useful addon.

Legendary what?  They have datamined Tarecgosa's Rest, the latest in a long line of legendaries soon to be immortalized in Trade Chat.  We give our take on how should get the staff, who shouldn't, along with making the case for one type of healer to get it.  Here is the article Chris liked, written by Scott Andrews of WoW Insider where he explores the thought processes behind handing out the staff.  (The comment section is particularly helpful, because lots of readers weigh in on what their guild is doing.)

Premium services are on the horizon, and everyone has lost their minds.  We have very little details about them, but we offer our perspective on exactly what Activision/Blizzard is really trying to do.  For those people on the forums who are convinced Blizzard will make money hand over fist and are interested in putting their money where your mouth is, here is a link to the chart for ATVI and TD Ameritrade.  (As mentioned in the podcast, here is the perspective on premium services of The Noisy Rogue.)

New loot list for Patch 4.2 (In progress) courtesy of MMO-Champion.  For the time being, just know the new Hyjal faction drops cloaks, belts, trinkets & rings.

Thanks for listening to this week's episode.  As always, you can find us on our Facebook page and Twitter (@WarcraftLounge).  We will give a shoutout to any listeners who give us a 5-star review on iTunes (not Podbean's page, although we do appreciate that too!) and if there are any topics or subjects you would like us to tackle, shoot us a line anytime.


Ryan [Lohrdook - Hydraxis(H)/Dynam - Gilneas (A)] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis(H)]

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The most politely hurtful thing you need to ever say.

Welcome back listeners to Episode 16 of the Warcraft Lounge.  In this week's Episode, we tackle all things Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub, including that pug-wrecking final boss of Zul'Gurub Jindo the Pugbreaker.  We review a couple other problem bosses like Nalorakk and talk about what players can do to make their groups more succesful.

Plus, money making tips for 4.1.  Is there another way to make money from Archaeology?

Hey DKs wake up.  Soulstones can be used on dead players, Warlocks.  Along with Shamans, you're officially on the clock as being responsible for having your new abilities ready.  (Spirit Link Totem + Baradin Hold Meteor Slash...)

Here is the Loot List for Zul'Aman and for Zul'Gurub, courtesy of Wowpedia.  Plan your runs accordingly.



Correction: Although it is apparently the intent of Blizzard to have items that are Needed be soulbound, it is not in yet. [Slated for 4.2]  The asshattery continues, although some are worth more than others and may be worth getting kicked for.  Just saying.

Thanks to Adam of the Noisy Rogue for taking the time to give us a review; we appreciate the candor and our listeners would probably enjoy his style greatly.  I even managed to find the review which drew me to his site in the first place.

Thanks again for listening; we appreciate all of your suggestions and comments on our facebook page, and on iTunes.   As always, any five star reviews will get you a shoutout on the next podcast and feel free to whisper us in game.  We're more than happy to talk.


Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas) & Chris (Doobee, Xynar - Hydraxis)

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Can we all make so bold a statement as 'Success Baby'?

Welcome back listeners for Episode 15, Part 2 of the Warcraft Lounge.  We continue with our discussion of Patch 4.1.  All signs point to it dropping on 4.26.11 so listen to our final thoughts on what is in store for the playerbase.

We vindicate the Call to Arms feature of the LFD by asking, "What's wrong with a little bribery?"  It worked for Oculus, should work for all heroics.  Right?

The merge of Ryan's guild continues; Chris and Ryan have had extensive experience dealing with guild merges and they talk about what they've both experienced in the past.

This week's addons we mention: Ovale Spell Priority (tanks + dps) and Magic Runes (DK only).  Sorry healers, no love for you today.

Ryan and Chris talk about playing on a different servers: how do you pick one, what do you look for, what kinds of servers might there be an economic opportunity.

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Thanks for listening,

Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas) & Chris (Doobee, Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

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