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YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!  (No, seriously.  I'm pretty sure you are not prepared.)

Here is Wowwiki's guide to hidden and long quests.  Enjoy!

Ghostcrawler talks about the future of tanking.  Read here, and weigh in if you dare.

The Darkmoon Faire gets a complete overhaul!  New mounts, skill points, and of course...more tickets!

Transmogrification: Some likely items that people may want:

Tankard of Terror

Battered Hilt

Skullflame Shield

Zom's Crackling Bulwark

Blade of Wizardry/Teebu's Flaming Longsword

Northern Barrier

Onyxia Scale Cloak

Dreadlord's Blade <- Unique model, and one of the coolest BoP 2-Handers in Wrath

Want to know how much gold your opposition has?  Download Goldscore, bitches, and find out!

Q: What is the best time to prepare for Epic gems?  A: Before they are announced.  This week, we talk pricing, options, and all things Epic gem.

Here is a link to Chris's interview he gave with the good folks at WarcraftEcon. Check out their site for great gold making tips, and check out his interview for some specific strategies he uses.

Thanks for listening to the podcast!  As always, feel free to join our Facebook page, leave comments on our site, or follow us on Twitter @WarcraftLounge


Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis; Dynam - Gilneas] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis]

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What.  The.  Fuck....hey is that Drakkmur?

Welcome back listeners to Episode 21 of the Warcraft Lounge.

This week we talk about Chris's expedition to US-Moonguard. Before you listen, realize he had NO IDEA what was going to happen or what goes on in the Moonguard Inn.

The new 365 weapons are OUT! Check the patterns, and start to consider flipping some of the secondary ingredients. Find out what items we're buying and flipping while the gold rush is on.

Discussed Economic Concepts: Picks & Shovels and First-to-Market

The Top 5 Reasons your Baradin Hold pug is going to Suck Donkey Balls. As I type this, I just left a group that exhibited 3 of the 5 characteristics, including the all important, #1 reason.

Addon recommendation: WIM - It's a quality of life thing!

Blizzard has now changed it so Tier 11 bosses give 35 VP each (ARGALOTH DOES NOT, BADDIES). Is this change a good thing, or a bad thing? The hosts dicsuss.

Blizzard had the final "Ask a Dev- Healing". Did it go out with a bang, or a whimper.

Yays or Nays are back, and so it the final thoughts. Remember, we will give you an onair shoutout to those of you who give us a 5-star review on iTunes, and thanks again to each and every one of you for tuning in to our show.

If you have any comments, or answers to Chris's Final Thoughts, you can leave those messages on the Facebook page, or our comment page, or on Twitter @warcraftlounge.


Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis(H); Dynam - Gilneas(A)] & Chris [Drakkmur-Hydraxis(H)]

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If you don't quit whining about class balance, the Governator will come over to your house and impregnate your maid.

Welcome back listeners, to episode 19 of the Warcraft Lounge.

The Midsummer Fire Festival is in full swing.  You can get crazy guild rep just by honoring the flames, and desecrating the opposition.  Don't forget, there are also fires located in Northrend and Cataclysm zones to snuff.

Here is the bear, Arcturis, from Ryan's dreams.  While you're up there, why don't you grab Skoll, Gondria & Loque'nahak?

The 4.2 Patch Notes.  Damn, there is a lot to keep track of.

SONS OF BITCHES!  Looks like Blizzard is onto us!  Here's why:

With the release of 4.2 all Valor Points will be down-converted to Justice Points, and all Conquest Points will be down-converted to Honor Points. To curb the ability to sell items back to the vendors after the conversion for the higher currency, we’re instituting a new sellback policy for items purchased directly before currency down-conversions.Items purchased within the two hour window before the release of 4.2 will lose their ability to be sold back to the vendor when the realms are brought down for maintenance. No refunds will be granted for items purchased during this time, either by the in-game vendors, or our support departments.

As an example, I buy the Vicious Gladiator's Battle Staff at 2:30 a.m. The servers come down for the release of 4.2 half an hour later. Normally I would still have an hour and a half after the servers return to sell the item back to the vendor. With this policy change though, upon logging in my item can no longer be sold back to the vendor.

This policy is only in effect for maintenances that include currency down-conversions, such as the release of 4.2. To ensure you don’t purchase the wrong item with the inability to sell it back, we recommend buying well before the final two hours so there’s time to change any incorrect purchases.

For more information on the down-conversion please refer to: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2880562

Here is the Ghostcrawler blog regarding class balance, that got everyone's panties in a bunch.  I am pretty sure, on his last day of work, he is going to rip into the playerbase.

Courtesy of Ready4Raiding, here is a strategy video for Occu'thar. Watch it, learn it, watch it again.  Don't be 'that guy'.

Courtey os Learn2raid, here are the rest of the Firelands strategy guides.

Here is the skinny on the new policy for Arena Weapons Season 10 Conquest Point weapons will only be purchasable once a required minimum sum of Conquest Points has been reached during the current season. For example, Ruthless Gladiator's Pike costs 3400 Conquest Points to purchase. However, players must first earn a total of 11650 Conquest Points during Season 10 before they are able to purchase it. Season 9 Honor Point weapons will only be purchasable once a required minimum sum of Honor Points has been reached during the current season. For example, Vicious Gladiator's Pike costs 3400 Honor Points to purchase. However, players must first earn a total of 18500 Honor Points during Season 10 before they are able to purchase it. Once the minimum sum of points required to purchase weapons is reached, all available weapons can be purchased for their listed costs. The point requirement is not reset once a purchase is made.

Thanks to those who gave us 5-star reviews on iTunes, and if you give us one, you will get mentioned on the very next episode.  We appreciate you guys and gals listening to us, following us on Facebook, and feel free to leave us any and all comments on either page.


Ryan: Lohrdook/Stilleiro (Hydraxis-H), Dynam (Gilneas-A)

Chris: Drakkmur (Hydraxis-H)

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Despite Ryan trying to be a better citizen of Azeroth, he keeps running into people who buy into the above philosophy.

Welcome back listeners,

This week our hosts discuss what they've been up to in preparation for patch 4.2  Ryan has become a Pokemon trainer, using Petopia's guide to rare and unique pets in Azeroth.   Chris has jumped guilds, and advises listeners how to deal with joining a guild that is far more progressed than you are.

Here are 2 of the pets: Ashtail & Olm the Wise

If you want to see complicated, here is the Elitist Jerks forum for Marksman hunters.  Keep this in mind, the next time some blowhard asshat tells you they can perform the calculations better than Elitist Jerks.

For those who don't believe it, here is the Baradin Hold where the hunter completely owned Pit Lord Argaloth.

Mount Alert: The Winged Guardian goes on sale this week.  Not for nothing, but it looks incredible.

Courtesy of the tireless work of MMO-Champion, here are the Firelands will feature 3 vendors, who all have completely different sets of gear.  Don't pick the wrong one, or you will be completely screwed. (No pressure)

Here is the Dev Watercooler blog where they do the post-mortem on Talent trees.  Let us know in the comments or on the Warcraft Lounge Facebook page, which 31 point talent you think is A) the best and B) the worst.

As always, the link to the Patch 4.2 notes.  (If you've been nerfed, tough shit.  Build a bridge and get over it.)

At Chris's recommendation, here is Learn to Raid and Tankspot.  These two resources will serve as excellent starting and ending points for the beginning, intermediate and hardcore raider.  Also, here is a picture of Aliena and a Papapaint audio clip.  If you haven't seen nor heard either...click you fool!

Thanks again for listening to our latest episode, you can get ahold of us on Twitter (@warcraftlounge) or on our Facebook page, and if you hop on over to iTunes and give us a 5-star review we'll mention you on the next podcast.


Ryan [Lohrdook - Hydraxis(H), Dynam - Gilneas(A)] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis(H)]

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How to play Wizard's Staff: Every time you drink another beer, you duct tape it to your "Wizard's Staff".  Each can represents a level, and every 5 levels you have to fight a "Dragon" (do a shot).  At any given time, the person with the most levels, can boss around any other wizard below them who has less levels than they do.  To initiate a wizard's duel, you must strike staves, and any beers that shake loose are lost 'levels' forever.


Welcome back listeners, to Episode 17 of the Warcraft Lounge.

Drakkmur's interview is finally up on Warcraft Econ's Hall of Fame.  If you're interested in learning more about how Chris made his gold, this would be the spot.

Nerfbat incoming for the current tier of raiding when 4.2 hits.  We don't talk about it that much (because by the time it happens we'll be too busy exploring the Firelands) but T11 content got AOE-nerfed.

Here's an example of how Wowhead can show you all the new items introduced to the PTR.

The Reins of Poseidus now drop off of Poseidus in 4.1  Mount collectors are on notice.

NPC Scan: If you want to find those pesky rare mobs, I can't think of a more useful addon.

Legendary what?  They have datamined Tarecgosa's Rest, the latest in a long line of legendaries soon to be immortalized in Trade Chat.  We give our take on how should get the staff, who shouldn't, along with making the case for one type of healer to get it.  Here is the article Chris liked, written by Scott Andrews of WoW Insider where he explores the thought processes behind handing out the staff.  (The comment section is particularly helpful, because lots of readers weigh in on what their guild is doing.)

Premium services are on the horizon, and everyone has lost their minds.  We have very little details about them, but we offer our perspective on exactly what Activision/Blizzard is really trying to do.  For those people on the forums who are convinced Blizzard will make money hand over fist and are interested in putting their money where your mouth is, here is a link to the chart for ATVI and TD Ameritrade.  (As mentioned in the podcast, here is the perspective on premium services of The Noisy Rogue.)

New loot list for Patch 4.2 (In progress) courtesy of MMO-Champion.  For the time being, just know the new Hyjal faction drops cloaks, belts, trinkets & rings.

Thanks for listening to this week's episode.  As always, you can find us on our Facebook page and Twitter (@WarcraftLounge).  We will give a shoutout to any listeners who give us a 5-star review on iTunes (not Podbean's page, although we do appreciate that too!) and if there are any topics or subjects you would like us to tackle, shoot us a line anytime.


Ryan [Lohrdook - Hydraxis(H)/Dynam - Gilneas (A)] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis(H)]

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The most politely hurtful thing you need to ever say.

Welcome back listeners to Episode 16 of the Warcraft Lounge.  In this week's Episode, we tackle all things Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub, including that pug-wrecking final boss of Zul'Gurub Jindo the Pugbreaker.  We review a couple other problem bosses like Nalorakk and talk about what players can do to make their groups more succesful.

Plus, money making tips for 4.1.  Is there another way to make money from Archaeology?

Hey DKs wake up.  Soulstones can be used on dead players, Warlocks.  Along with Shamans, you're officially on the clock as being responsible for having your new abilities ready.  (Spirit Link Totem + Baradin Hold Meteor Slash...)

Here is the Loot List for Zul'Aman and for Zul'Gurub, courtesy of Wowpedia.  Plan your runs accordingly.



Correction: Although it is apparently the intent of Blizzard to have items that are Needed be soulbound, it is not in yet. [Slated for 4.2]  The asshattery continues, although some are worth more than others and may be worth getting kicked for.  Just saying.

Thanks to Adam of the Noisy Rogue for taking the time to give us a review; we appreciate the candor and our listeners would probably enjoy his style greatly.  I even managed to find the review which drew me to his site in the first place.

Thanks again for listening; we appreciate all of your suggestions and comments on our facebook page, and on iTunes.   As always, any five star reviews will get you a shoutout on the next podcast and feel free to whisper us in game.  We're more than happy to talk.


Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas) & Chris (Doobee, Xynar - Hydraxis)

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Can we all make so bold a statement as 'Success Baby'?

Welcome back listeners for Episode 15, Part 2 of the Warcraft Lounge.  We continue with our discussion of Patch 4.1.  All signs point to it dropping on 4.26.11 so listen to our final thoughts on what is in store for the playerbase.

We vindicate the Call to Arms feature of the LFD by asking, "What's wrong with a little bribery?"  It worked for Oculus, should work for all heroics.  Right?

The merge of Ryan's guild continues; Chris and Ryan have had extensive experience dealing with guild merges and they talk about what they've both experienced in the past.

This week's addons we mention: Ovale Spell Priority (tanks + dps) and Magic Runes (DK only).  Sorry healers, no love for you today.

Ryan and Chris talk about playing on a different servers: how do you pick one, what do you look for, what kinds of servers might there be an economic opportunity.

Please remeber that you can subscribe to our podcast via the links on the right hand side.  If our irregular schedule has been throwing you off, by subscribing, itunes automatically delivers our new episodes right into your itunes folder.  We continue to mention any and all 5-star reviews we receive from iTunes, and  if you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to leave them on our Facebook page or leave comments on the site directly.

Thanks for listening,

Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas) & Chris (Doobee, Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

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I don't mean to tell you how to play your DK, but I think you need to reforge for a bit more mastery.

Welcome back listeners and thanks for your patience; we actually recorded this podcast last Friday but thanks technical difficulties (Chris's iPhone sucks ass) we had to cut the podcast short.  Instead of scrapping it, or delaying it any further, we are releasing part one of this episode which ends rather abruptly, and we will pickup where we left off on Part 2 of this podcast to be published later on this week.

In this episode, we discuss professions for new characters - from a strictly PvE standpoint.  Which are essential for your first two characters, and help you the most as far as raiding is concerned and which profession is nearly impossible for new players to get involved with.

Where have all the DK's gone?  They were everywhere during Wrath but have vanished since Cataclysm...our hosts break down what might've happened to all of them.  (Here is the DK Tanking Compendium Chris references.)

Bilzzard has separated out the ZG/ZA instances; they've doubled the valor points, they've allowed them to be queued separately and they drop epic 353 items!  They've also changed the way the "daily" heroic is run; Chris and Ryan ponder the changes to guilds, raids, and which days might be best to use the Dungeon Finder.  See the official changes to the dungeon finder and heroics here.

Baradin Hold - It's not even close to VOA, but why?  Our hosts look at the difference between the two and temper their expectations for more gear.  Hear about class runs, how to get them started, and how Chris got in trouble for doing what he should've done anyway.

Sorry again for the technical difficulties and irregularity in our posting schedule; thanks for listening, and as always, please leave us 5-star reviews on iTunes (not Podbean) and you will get a shoutout on our next podcast.


Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas) & Chris (Doobee/Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

[In Part 2, we discuss: The newest Dungeon Finder Announcement (Tanks ftw!), 4.1 Archaeology changes, Guild Merges, Ghostcrawler's blog (and why I insist on calling him Guildcrawler), and finally, our Yay or Nay.]

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This is a photo of the actual raid leader from the -50DKP video.  Is that really who you want keeping track of your loot?

Welcome back to Episode 14 of the Warcraft Lounge!  Blizzard has been doling out new information with an eyedropper, but we've managed to put it together for you in one spot.

Prices are plummeting!  Across the board, raw materials and finished goods are dropping in price.  Find out how to take advantage of the Bullwhip Effect on your server.

Here is the article from WoW Insider regarding what to do when someone is flipping all your BoEs.  Only follow the advice of the commenters if you're interested in losing all your gold in a most spectacular fashion.

Patch 4.1 continues on it's way.  Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman are being revamped and added to the game.  Check out their Loot Lists here so you don't make any stupid purchases over the next 3 weeks. (Valor conversion will occur in Patch 4.2, not 4.1!)

Patch 4.1 will also feature guild challenges (whatever the hell those are), new vanity items, and a stunning new reason to level Archaeology.  The full notes are here.

The hosts discuss Loot systems: +1, DKP, EPGP, & Gold DKP.  Tell us the experiences you've had with loot systems, which one you think is best, and if you can design a better loot system, we're all ears.

Initiate status in a guild: Is it necessary for progression or another sneaky way to screw the new people out of loot?  The hosts discuss that topic quite civilly.

Ryan mentions Kalytha's Haunted Locket, purchased from Tex Vortacoil in Azshara.  Just another way to make your guildmates say: WTF!

Game theory: where mathematics meets people.  Is it possible to really cooperate with our competition? 

Remember to follow us on Twitter @WarcraftLounge, and join our Facebook page here.  We're always available for comments and questions, and don't hesistate to whisper us in game.

Whetehr you are hardcore or casual, thanks for listening to our podcast.  Just a reminder, we mention any and all 5-star iTunes reviews on our next episode, so help us out and let the iTunes community know if you're enjoying the podcast.


Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis/ Dynam - Gilneas) & Chris (Doobee/Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

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