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About Ryan

ME.jpgRyan has been playing since 2005, a month before the Burning Crusade launched.  He's definitely the more casual of the two players, but still end-game raids, checks theorycrafting boards, and works on making gold in his spare time.

Ryan finds the lore/story of the game fascinating and loves getting rare items/mounts/Feats of Strength that are hard to come by.  He is working on Mountain of Mounts...only 26 more. 

If you find yourself on Hydraxis, give Lohrdook a shout out; I'm always happy to chat.

Roster: 5 80s: 2 Shaman (Enhancement & Resto), 1 Warlock (Demo), 1 DK (Unholy/Blood) & Paladin (Ret & Prot) and has raided 10/12 ICC with all of them.

Ryan graduated from Penn State in 2006, with a degree in Finance.  He lives in Philadelphia, PA and is currently working towards becoming a Financial Advisor.

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