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About Chris

Chris.jpgChris began playing World of Warcraft in October of 2007 when Ryan brought him into the game using the Recruit-a-Friend promotion.  Active in PVP while leveling, he gravitated to PVE and began raiding 6-7 days a week on various alts.  He started off initially playing the game in casual 10 and 25 man guilds before eventually joining a top 100 world guild during ICC.  Today, he raids with his guild Epitome, a three day a week guild located on US-Shandris, where he earned a top 100 US kill of Heroic 25 Halion and a top 170 US kill of Heroic 25 LK.  He plans to be more active in PvP during Cataclysm.

An athlete in high school, Chris enjoys the competitive nature of WoW.  He enjoys theorycrafting and regularly contributes to a feral theorycrafting discussion on the Epitome guild forums. He also takes part in feral theorycrafting discussions on ElitistJerks.com and MMOChampion.com.  He enjoys analyzing his parses, as well as other successful ferals, to maximize his performance during raids.

In addition, he enjoys the game's economy.  It is not uncommon to see him working the auction house on both of his servers between raids.  He has a personal goal of 1 million gold before his birthday on April 3rd, 2011.

Chris's first character and main is Drakkmur a feral druid with a DPS main spec and tanking offspec.  He has a total of 6 80s (Feral DPS/Tank, Demo/Destro Lock, Resto/Ele Shaman, two Blood/Unholy DKs, and Prot/Ret Pally) located on US-Shandris and US-Hydraxis.  He is currently leveling a Shadow/Disc Priest (level 79) and an Arms/Prot Warrior (level 72).  He plans to level a hunter and a mage early in Cata. 

Chris graduated from Penn State University in 2007 with a degree in Finance.  After spending two years in Philadelphia working for Morgan Stanley, he now resides near Harrisburg, Pa where he works at a local casino.