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  • Shultz

    A good show as usual. I was however hoping for something recent as this appears to have been recorded over a month ago.

    So it’s been a month of MoP so far, and I’m just about burned out on daily quests. Don’t really need them anyway. A lot of prof mats and VP gear is now available earlier than at launch.

    Getting to L90 is very fast. Early quests are good, later quests mostly standard collect this/kill that fare. No flying until 90 certainly adds to the atmosphere of leveling.

    For profs, I haven’t done any BlkSmth stuff, but the others are mostly easy to lvl. Alchemy by discoveries - easy. Mats cheap. Ore a bit pricey first 2 weeks, but now cheap, so Jewelcrafting, and living steel transmutes are easy. Tailoring not so good - all recipes gated behind dailies. Scribing - not bad. Made the epic BoA int staff. Engineering gated behind spirits of harmony.

    5-Man heroics very good - quick, not too hard, and thus suitable for pugs. LFR is tougher than Cata, but doable. The 2nd half of vaults is a challenge to complete Sun/Mon, with many players stuck on the last boss encounter. Will become easier very quickly as plp gear up. Summit world boss ’sha’ very pugable. 40 man raid, and an easy kill for any group around iL460. Quest item on 1st kill awards BoP iL476 boots. Drops are the same iLvl as Normal raids with occasional Pvp drops. Basically a replacement for the non existent pvp zone raid.

    Scenarios? Apart from an easy iL450 weapon from the ‘Arena’ scenario to get you started after dinging L90, the rest are a waste of time. No drops, not much VP, and almost no chance for an iL463 item at completion. I’d done 20 of these, and got nothing. Don’t bother trying to gear up on these - Just complete all the dread wastes quests, and you can go straight to 5-mans. If you pop Theramore and no one has a tank pet or plate gear, just leave and save yourself a big repair bill.

    Can’t wait to hear the next show for some feedback on the current market.

    Oct 26, 2012 at 6:47 am
  • Ryan

    @Shultz, I love the no flying to 90. In some ways, it sucked. Taking off for the first time was an incredible feeling, and because I couldn’t drop in, grab 6 bear butts, then fly out, I had to actually be mindful of the world around me.

    Heroics seem perfectly tuned. If you ignore mechanics, you die. If you do them, you live.

    The scenarios are worthless beyond measure. Without. Worth.

    Our next show is coming in a couple days. We did not participate in the Beta, so it’s taken us a bit to get settled into the world and figure shit out.

    This episode was more of a Cata recap…I just kept in our thoughts of what was going to go on in MoP to show our amazing prognosticating powers since a lot of our predictions came true.

    Also, the expansion and it’s punishing grinds really kept me from editing it.

    Oct 26, 2012 at 11:06 am