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  • arg

    Nice episode, enjoyed your discussion of LFR loot.

    A tip on maelstroms: with the Bartering guild perk, at exalted Avengers of Hyjal rep, you can buy a 250g Firelands rep cloak for 175g, and DE that for a maelstrom crystal. With DE procs from the Bountiful Bags guild perk, it averages out to around 153g per crystal. And from that, you can get 2 heavenlies, capping their cost at 76.50. I’m reluctant to mention it because it seems a lot of people don’t know or forgot about it, but it’s some payback for the tips and enjoyment your show has provided. :-) With a predictable fixed cost, you can be particularly competitive pricing enchants that depend only or almost only on maelstroms and heavenlies: Power Torrent, Peerless Stats, Chest - Greater Stamina, and Cloak - Greater Critical Strike. I use a macro to buy and disenchant with one keystroke, to make a few hundred while reading or watching television: /run BuyMerchantItem(1,1) /cast disenchant /use Sleek Flamewrath Cloak The first time you run it, with the vendor window open, it will only buy a cloak; after that it will buy and DE a cloak each time. Close the merchant window and run it if you just want to DE cloaks without buying any more.

    Concerning LFR needing for alt sets of gear: even if stat priorities are similar for two specs of a class, if they’re different at all, it makes mid-raid changes quicker if you don’t have to hearth and reforge for progression fights where you want your stats carefully balanced. I guess it was the combination of this person being 15th on dps that raised Chris’ ire, so presumably it would have gone differently if the winner was near the top and showed signs of knowing their class.

    An act of LFR subterfuge you didn’t directly address is Macheavellian vote kicking of innoncents by a group of friends/guildies, for example to get rid of any competing hunters. It takes just 4 starter votes to initiate a vote that pops up on a few random raid members’ screens. After a wipe, or if it’s been taking a while to get the next pull going, some people will reflexively vote for whatever kick pops on their screen.

    A good LFR trick if you’re in a really strong group (protip: many people do LFRs on their mains on Tuesdays) or really easy boss, is to subtly pull bosses even when you’re missing a couple dps; it means less competition for loot for the people who are there.

    Good discussion of dps add-ons. One nice thing with Ovale is you can also find different scripts online that completely replace the recommendations and icon layout for a given class & spec. For feral druid dps, for example, Leafkiller’s ovale script (google “Leafkiller’s feral script”) has a following among some serious players.

    Jan 13, 2012 at 10:46 am
  • Loth

    Thank you for another good discussion. I enjoy listening to your podcast at work since all other game websites are blocked.

    I was wondering if you could talk more about running simulations. This is the first time I have heard about it and I was wondering if there was something similar for healing. If not, how do you do it for DPS?

    Jan 18, 2012 at 3:44 pm
  • Notah

    I heard you guys talking about how you think the ping pong champion achieve for warlord zonozz would be hard and it turns out it is very easy i got it accdiently on our second kill while healing it. The achieve is a lot easier then it would seem

    Jan 19, 2012 at 1:30 pm
  • Rary

    A sim is a program that takes your character’s stats, gear etc and combines it with certain variables (buffs, flasks, fight length, bloodlust avail, latency, movement etc etc) and predicts what dps you should be doing.

    Rawr is an example of a sim. You can use this to see how close you are performing under ideal situations. As well, you can sim what gear sets or pieces will assist in doing more damage.

    Nothing much for healers I have found (or tanks). But some good dps sim programs out there.

    It was good to hear I set up my UI simular to Drak. One ‘must have’ addon I use for all my toons is Opie. It lets create a ring of abilities that is keybound. While not useful for raids, it does keep abilities that you do not need such as professions, auras and portals off screen and not cluttering your base UI.

    As well, I use Coolline addon to track when things are coming off cooldown. Very easy to use and you can filter abilities as you see fit.


    Jan 19, 2012 at 1:33 pm
  • Shultz

    Another great show guys. Great discussion on LFR. Boss #5 - ‘What is this BIG button for’? Np, the healers will take care of me - lol. Boss #7 - Just kill that big thing the tank is hitting, and IGNORE everything else. Boss #8 - Target claw and stick with that.

    Thx for the info on the lightning phase on boss #4 btw - always on the Nth side! (Why didn’t I notice that…) For the ice phase I was nailed a few times in the 1st week - I now always position myself on the clockwise side of the elemental, so I can see the ice wall approaching.

    I haven’t raided much in wow before now, and LFR has shown me a new game within the game, much like when I got into pvp a couple of years ago. I treat LFR as the same sort of adventure which occurs in normal pug bg’s - anything can happen, and each new run can be quite different than the last.

    I don’t ever top dps charts, but I’m now over 15k on all the classes I run LFR with. It’s not quiet as easy as you might think for everybody to pull super dps - I have good gear, all properly gemed, enchanted, reforged etc. Got the optimal rotation data, and I still just can’t figure out how to improve any more. Must be my high ping here in oz. I can certainly improve strats for each fight, positioning, when to pop cooldowns etc - guess I just need an expert like Ryan to watch me play and offer some tips!

    My standpoint on LFR loot is to use the same personal rules I learned the hard way in Vanilla. Need only if you plan to equip the item yourself and use it, and pass/greed/de otherwise. Had a robin hood trade me a token to give me my tier 4/5 on one toon - I then win the other tier I was missing off the next boss, and he asked for the token back! Not wanting any trouble, I complied. It’s really no big deal for me anyway - 4/5 is all I need. (Well…that’s what I said at the time - now I REALLY want that 5th item…..)

    Best suggestion yet for LFR loot - nothing can be traded. (Haven’t seen than 1 on the forums) And yes, Tuesday is by far the best day to run LFR - Monday is a wipefest.

    This is easily the best wow podcast - Well done!

    Jan 20, 2012 at 10:11 am
  • Chris (Drakkmur)

    These are some of the best comments we have ever had. It seems this podcast contained some interesting discussions.

    @Arg: Good idea about the rep cloak. I planned on discussing next podcast another way enchanters can make some serious cash DEing.

    I use Leafkiller’s script on my feral. It’s excellent.

    @Loth: I have toyed with discussing dps simulators and World of Logs/parses because I think these are powerful tools to use for folks really trying to squeeze out every point of dps or healing they can. However, I worry the discussion, while valuable, may be on the boring side and complicated to explain without feedback while doing it (I have taught people over vent how to use them but they ask a lot of questions).

    I may post a comment in our Facebook group (Warcraft Lounge) to see if it is something a lot of folks want to talk about. I would also want to her from Ryan to see if he thinks it would be a worthwhile topic.

    @Notah: Hmm, I am surprised it is so easy. Maybe my 10 man will have to give it a shot. We have been spending most of our limited time (6 hours a week) working on heroic modes.

    @Rary: Spot on about Sims. I use simulationcraft personally. It is a sim that looks intimidating but is actually quite easy to use after setting it up the first time. There are also some simulators/models that are spec specific like femaledwarf.com (very easy to use hunter simulator) or Mew for ferals (not sure if it is still up to date).

    @Shultz: I am going to resist the urge to make a bad Hogan’s Heroes joke.

    Do you use Ovale? If not, you are EXACTLY the target audience for that discussion. I could see Ovale taking you from 15k to 20k easy. I would love to have a parse of you in lfr to analyze. When I look at parses of people underperforming (I do this a lot after a BH) one thing I always see people are bad at is dot uptime. Maybe that is something to discuss next time as well because I don’t think a lot of people understand how dot clipping works in Cata (it is different from Wrath).

    Jan 20, 2012 at 9:56 pm