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What.  The.  Fuck....hey is that Drakkmur?

Welcome back listeners to Episode 21 of the Warcraft Lounge.

This week we talk about Chris's expedition to US-Moonguard. Before you listen, realize he had NO IDEA what was going to happen or what goes on in the Moonguard Inn.

The new 365 weapons are OUT! Check the patterns, and start to consider flipping some of the secondary ingredients. Find out what items we're buying and flipping while the gold rush is on.

Discussed Economic Concepts: Picks & Shovels and First-to-Market

The Top 5 Reasons your Baradin Hold pug is going to Suck Donkey Balls. As I type this, I just left a group that exhibited 3 of the 5 characteristics, including the all important, #1 reason.

Addon recommendation: WIM - It's a quality of life thing!

Blizzard has now changed it so Tier 11 bosses give 35 VP each (ARGALOTH DOES NOT, BADDIES). Is this change a good thing, or a bad thing? The hosts dicsuss.

Blizzard had the final "Ask a Dev- Healing". Did it go out with a bang, or a whimper.

Yays or Nays are back, and so it the final thoughts. Remember, we will give you an onair shoutout to those of you who give us a 5-star review on iTunes, and thanks again to each and every one of you for tuning in to our show.

If you have any comments, or answers to Chris's Final Thoughts, you can leave those messages on the Facebook page, or our comment page, or on Twitter @warcraftlounge.


Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis(H); Dynam - Gilneas(A)] & Chris [Drakkmur-Hydraxis(H)]

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We promise, it doesn't have to be this way!  Ok, maybe just a little, but no more than necessary!

[Links are in progress]

Welcome back listeners, to Episode 20 of the Warcraft Lounge.  With a week of the Firelands under their belts, see what the hosts have to say about things.

This week, we talk about the new Molten Front dailies.  In between tossing bears and punting turtles, is there a way to make them go faster?  Ryan seems to think so.

If you're doing the Firelands rep runs, Ryan goes over when to stop, and what items are available.

Which Firelands boss, does Chris think raids should being with?  Feel free to agree or disagree on our Facebook page.

Living Embers are the brand new version of Primordial Saronite.  How can you get yours, and what price is reasonable to pay for one.

Blizzard managed to actually slap the PVPers in the face.  Find out what injustice they inflicted on the pvp crowd, and see if their indignation is righteous.

Occu'thar, continues to be a source of trouble for the players incapable of following ONE, SIMPLE DIRECTION.  Find out what that direction is.

Courtesy of Icy Veins, here is the only guide to gearing you are likely to need.

Thanks for tuning into episode 20, and listening to two guys ramble on about Warcraft.  If there are any topics you want us to tackle, feel free to leave comments here, or on the Facebook page and we'll try to tackle them.  You can follow us in Twitter @WarcraftLounge and if anyone happens to be in the Philly area next Friday night, Chris and Ryan will be doing some drinking post Harry Potter, so drop us a note on the Facebook page and meet up with us.


Ryan [Lohrdook/Stilleiro - Hydraxis (H), Dynam - Gilneas (A)] & Chris [Drakkmur - Hydraxis(H)]

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