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Can we all make so bold a statement as 'Success Baby'?

Welcome back listeners for Episode 15, Part 2 of the Warcraft Lounge.  We continue with our discussion of Patch 4.1.  All signs point to it dropping on 4.26.11 so listen to our final thoughts on what is in store for the playerbase.

We vindicate the Call to Arms feature of the LFD by asking, "What's wrong with a little bribery?"  It worked for Oculus, should work for all heroics.  Right?

The merge of Ryan's guild continues; Chris and Ryan have had extensive experience dealing with guild merges and they talk about what they've both experienced in the past.

This week's addons we mention: Ovale Spell Priority (tanks + dps) and Magic Runes (DK only).  Sorry healers, no love for you today.

Ryan and Chris talk about playing on a different servers: how do you pick one, what do you look for, what kinds of servers might there be an economic opportunity.

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Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas) & Chris (Doobee, Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

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I don't mean to tell you how to play your DK, but I think you need to reforge for a bit more mastery.

Welcome back listeners and thanks for your patience; we actually recorded this podcast last Friday but thanks technical difficulties (Chris's iPhone sucks ass) we had to cut the podcast short.  Instead of scrapping it, or delaying it any further, we are releasing part one of this episode which ends rather abruptly, and we will pickup where we left off on Part 2 of this podcast to be published later on this week.

In this episode, we discuss professions for new characters - from a strictly PvE standpoint.  Which are essential for your first two characters, and help you the most as far as raiding is concerned and which profession is nearly impossible for new players to get involved with.

Where have all the DK's gone?  They were everywhere during Wrath but have vanished since Cataclysm...our hosts break down what might've happened to all of them.  (Here is the DK Tanking Compendium Chris references.)

Bilzzard has separated out the ZG/ZA instances; they've doubled the valor points, they've allowed them to be queued separately and they drop epic 353 items!  They've also changed the way the "daily" heroic is run; Chris and Ryan ponder the changes to guilds, raids, and which days might be best to use the Dungeon Finder.  See the official changes to the dungeon finder and heroics here.

Baradin Hold - It's not even close to VOA, but why?  Our hosts look at the difference between the two and temper their expectations for more gear.  Hear about class runs, how to get them started, and how Chris got in trouble for doing what he should've done anyway.

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Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis, Dynam - Gilneas) & Chris (Doobee/Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

[In Part 2, we discuss: The newest Dungeon Finder Announcement (Tanks ftw!), 4.1 Archaeology changes, Guild Merges, Ghostcrawler's blog (and why I insist on calling him Guildcrawler), and finally, our Yay or Nay.]

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