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The title of this guide, is completely redundant.

Links in Progress:

Welcome back listeners,

This week Chris and Ryan talk about farming, and how it might be the worst activity you can do in game.

The Holy Trinity of making Money: Auction Profit Master, Auctionator & Postal.  Go to Curse, and get them now.

Ryan and Chris share their horror stories in the LFD tool, and Ryan explains why he's done with random guild groups. (Other people's guilds, not his own.)

Weigh in on the debate: Is rolling need on an Epic BoE item in a heroic being a ninja?

More 4.0.6 changes; the patch hasn't hit yet so they're still in flux.

We ask the question: Sub 5k dps...should you queue up for heroics?

All this in more, in Episode 11 of the Warcraft Lounge!

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Thanks for listening,

Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis) & Chris (Drakkmur - Shandris)

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According to Chris, this is perfectly normal, perfectly healthy behavior.

Hi listeners,

This week, Chris and Ryan report back on their Arena adventures.  Did they get destroyed, or are they well on their way to shiny new epics?

The hosts break down the heroic changes in patch 4.0.6; despite what you might be thinking not every boss got nerfed.  See the full notes here.

Blizzard released two blogs this week, one regarding Tol Barad and the other regarding heroics.  We love the refreshing honesty contained within, and react to both postings.

With a little bit of flour, turn the Mysterious Fortune Card into the Fortune Cookie

Chris and Ryan get into a bit of a disagreement regarding what's an acceptable undercut for the AH.  There is much talk of economics, substiution, and the real value of one copper.

Here's an example of an item on Wowhead that is currently live: Unheeded Warning and the PTR version

Chris mentions a nifty addon for those who raid or do heroics: Tidy Plates.  Never lose track of that pesky boss again.

Thanks again for listening, please leave comments here or on WoW Insider's Weekly Podcast Roundup page, and as always, feel free to contact us in-game.


Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis) & Chris (Drakkmur - Shandris)

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When it comes to raiding and heroics, are you the lady on the left, or the whore on the right?

Hi listeners, This week the podcast crew discusses some of the traits that makes a successful raiding guild successful while they're busy wiping.

Since the Darkmoon Faire is up and running, we go an analysis of all 4 decks: Darkmoon Card: Tsunami, Darkmoon Card: Volcano, Darkmoon Card: Earthquake, Darkmoon Card: Hurricane (Strength Version) and Hurricane (Agility Version)

Our podcasters rip off the band-aid on the Need vs. Greed discussion, espeically since Blizzard weighed in on the topic.

Some of you are coming up on your first Valor point purchase: we help you make the right choice and avoid the one, unforgivable sin of Valor point purchases.

Ryan flips his shit on the DPS who leave a dungeon finder group after the tank and heals have left.  Seriously, folks, do you like waiting 50 minutes vs. 10?

Our Yay or Nay segment breaks down some of the future of the game, and of course, we veer off on a million tangents.  Ryan has been under the weather a bit, and he did try to remove every sniffle from the recording...no promises.

Thanks for all your whispers, comments and feedback be it good or bad.  We appreciate each and every listener and invite you to enjoy our first podcast of 2011.


Ryan (Lohrdook - Hydraxis) & Chris (Drakkmur - Shandris)

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