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Remember nubs, big heals on me in Phase 2 and for christsake use your interrupts!

Welcome back listeners,

This week, our two hosts go over some of the basics of getting geared.  For those of you who are finding it a chore to get into heroics, we break down a simple strategy that should have you screaming death threats at four other people in no time at all.

Blizzard is handing out 3 archaeology items for purchasing 24 booster packs of cards: Staff of Ammunae, Scimitar of Scirocco & the Crawling Claw

Big misunderstanding about the card game: The card fragments are used to purchase (wait for it) more cards, not the actual BoA items!  A ginormous sigh of relief goes out to all the people who have spent countless hours on Archaeology: the only way you're getting those items above, is through hours and hours of soul-crushing grinding.

Thanks for listening; we hope your holidays were safe and fun, and please leave comments and feedback!

-Ryan & Chris


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No matter what you do or the skill level you are at, there is a way for you to start making loot today.

[Show Note Links are Under Construction]

Well listeners,

The economy is still out of control but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of it.  Our podcasters talk about the various crafting professions and which ones are worth it to level to 525, which are worth it to level partway (475-500), and which ones are a complete waste of time right now.

There is much discussion of levelling; both of us have dinged 85 and we give to you the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and boy, did we make mistakes.

Tol Barad: Partially Broken or Completely Broken?  We'll cover that shitshow disguised as pvp in depth.

Heroics: In the early stages, who is doing what?  What classes have cc, and which are the best ones.  Interrupting is not a 4-letter word, and can a brother buy a dispel?

Thanks again for listening, and please leave comments below.

-Ryan & Chris

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douchebag.gif Sadly, this award would have been handed out to a pretty big portion of the WoW population Tuesday at midnight.


In this episode, our two podcasters really show their hardcore and casual roots.

Ryan joins the midnight launch, and his experience ends up being less than ideal.

Chris continues his relentless march towards 85, in order to be raid ready by this Tuesday.

Raw materials continue to spiral out of control; is there any end in sight for those of us who want to level our professions?

Tip of the week: Dungeon running for fun and profit. (Note: After the podcast Blizzard buffed the ilvl of the Blackrock Caverns and Throne of Tides gear from 279 to 306)

Feel free to share any experiences or horror stories while you have been levelling, or in the dungeons.  Thanks for listening, and tune in next week.

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Who will take home the coveted Golden Martini award?


Chris and I go back through the Wrath of the Lich King to determine which were the best (and worst) of the various bosses, mounts, instances, raids and changes that were brought to us in the Wrath of the Lich King.  Judgement isn't just a Paladin ability...so join us and find out who won (and lost!)

Show Notes are Under Construction

Listen Now:

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