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 The Shattering is going to be a bit tougher than previously expected.

Here are the "Three Easy Pets" Ryan mentioned: Withers, Mr. Grubbs & Brazie's Sunflower.

We don't get to talking about the Darkmoon Faire, but you should check out the videos and artwork here.

Courtesy of MMO-Champion, probably the finest post regarding what players need to know to not, well, suck.

I'm pretty sure she's not allowed to do this, but who cares: The Music of Cataclysm!

Also, from MMO-Champion, here are the faction reputations and their respective rewards. Remember, the only substitute for planning is grinding:

Earthen Ring - Ramkahen - Guardians of Hyjal - Hellscream's Reach (Horde Only)/Baradin's Wardens(Alliance Only) - Dragonmaw Clan (Horde Only)/Wildhammer Clan (Alliance Only) - Therazane

(Ryan's Personal Note: Sigh, it appears I have taken a step backwards in terms of microphone noise.  It looks like next week I will be buying myself an early Xmas present: A noise cancelling mic, and a can of WD-40.  The mic is for me, and the WD-40 is for my chair which sqeuaked during the podcast like a herd of pissed off mice.  I suppose I should lay off the pumpkin pie, because it's never been this bad, but I can assure you many hours were spent removing a lot of ambient mic noise.

Anyway, we're working on a shoestring budget here, but rest assured, next week I'll have a new mic and I'll be sitting on anything other than my current computer chair. :)

Also, it's our screwup but you can't buy your level 85 BoE's until...tadaa...level 85. Mea culpa. Still, you can easily plan now what you are going to A) buy with Justice Points, B) buy from crafting professions, C) earn from Reputation rewards and D) last and definitely least, Heroic drops.  The principle remains the same, but if you're at 4k points already...well..you can cool it with the dungeon finder.)


Ryan & Chris

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Hi listeners.

Our two intrepid podcasters are back with more information to help get you ready for the coming end of the world, with all signs pointing to Tuesday as being the big day.

As you can see, the new heirlooms are...:Cloaks and helmets. Everything else shuts off @ level 80, much to the chagrin of hardcore raiders prepared to powerlevel their toons to 85.

For tales of people trying to quit the game, visit WowDetox. Warning, may inspire you to quit the game yourself!

Watch /afk the movie, Part 1 and Part 2 on Youtube.

Again, we sincerely appreciate anyone who is tuning in to listen our podcast; we will continue to pump these out about once a week, the quality is improving, and as always, we appreciate your feedback. 

(P.S. There is still a tiny bit of mic noise for the 1st minute or two, but they go away completely, we promise.)

Regards, Ryan (Lohrdook) & Chris (Drakkmur)

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Despite their claims, our minds remain unblown by the Elemental Invasion

Hi listeners,

In this week's episode our two hosts manage to stray completely off topic.  However, they do manage to cover:

Elemental Invasion: I thought our minds were supposed to be blown?  Either the final phase is going to be amazing or we were sold a bill of goods.

Irrational Sellers/Making Gold: Why are people selling items below the raw materials?  What are the best professions right now to make gold and how is that changing?  What do we plan on spending our money on? (With over 750k in gold between us, you could listen to worse sources.)

Merged Battlegroups: Now that Blizzard has merged the battlegroups, what can we expect?  Shorter queues, more asshattery, or both?

Red Shirt Kid is given an Invincible by a top-end raiding guild: And of course, loot/guild drama follows.

Tip of the Week: What has 25 slots and needs to be filled?  (Hint: Not Paris Hilton)

Thanks for listening, and please leave your feedback below.  I apologize for the barebones site, but we are getting this off the ground and learning as we go.  Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

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