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Welcome back to the long awaited, long-overdue, return of the Warcraft Lounge.  (If Blizzard can stretch out a patch for 11 months, we can stretch out an episode for a few months too.)

Ryan and Chris share what they're been up to. (Hint: promotions)

Chris gets new hardware, and Ryan gives him shit for overpaying for new hardware.

Garrisons, Garrisons, Garrisons - We focus on exactly what buildings we're getting so you know what buildings you should get.

Ryan is headed to Blizzcon!

All this, and more, in episode 49.

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Ryan (Lohrdook - Hyjal) & Chris (Drakkmur - Area 52)

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Chris goes over his experience at Blizzcon, Ryan thinks it's ridiculous for Blizzard to steal addons, and more in the long-awaited Episode 48 of the Warcraft Lounge.

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This episode we analyze patch 5.4

Ryan gets booted from an RBG while Chris gets booted from a guild.

We learn why patience is the greatest virtue to have.

Ryan tells us about the worst movie experience of all time.

Chris gets ready for Blizzcon

All this and more, on Episode 47.

Thanks for listening,

Ryan (Lohrdook) & Chris (Drakkmur)
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Chris & Ryan talk about the systematic changes to the game in 5.4 and why one addone, oQueue, is going to be mandatory.

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Ryan & Chris tackle patch 5.3, Chris talks about digital relationships, much is made about Lesser Charms, and more!

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Chris and Ryan tackled more of 5.2, give their thoughts on dailies, talk Legendary pet battles and more.

GoGoMount - Great addon for managing your mounts on the Isle of Thunder, and the world.

oQueue - How you can kill the Zandalari Warbringers on other servers.

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Ryan (Lohrdook - Hyjal) & Chris (Drakkmur - Area 52)

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Show notes coming...

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And by 'Thunder' we mean 'WoW Insider'...

Welcome to Episode 42 of the Warcraft Lounge, where we go over the last minute preparations for patch 5.2.

What are the top three items that are going to be selling in Patch 5.2?  How can you prepare now?

Of the new factions, which one is worth it, and which one sucks?

All this and more, in episode 42.  Thanks for listening, and enjoy the patch!


Ryan (Lohrdook - Hyjal) & Chris (Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

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Samuel L. Jackson has a 480 ilvl...do you?

This week, Chris and Ryan go over what to expect in patch 5.2...the Throne of Thunder.

Which items are going to go up in price, which are falling, and which should retain their value.

Two grown men argue about Ghost Iron Ore. This happens.

An alternate means of levelling, some discussion on Valor & upgrades, and they're back...YAYS OR NAYS!

As always, thank you for listening.

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-Ryan (Lohrdook - Hyjal) & Chris (Drakkmur - Hydraxis)

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